2012 Workshops for the Denver County Fair

The Denver County Fair is excited about our second year and we're kickin off' the competition's in April by hosting a serious of workshops with our friends at Fancy Tiger and The GrowHaus.

Come and join the fun!!

Select from one or several of the workshops described below.  Sewing, Knitting and Spinning held at Fancy Tiger.  Bee Keeping held at GrowHaus.

Fancy Tiger

59 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203

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4751 York Street, Denver, CO 80216

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Workshop Options

For each person you intend to register in a class type "1" below.  If you and your friend are registering (and you are paying for your friend, below) type "2" below.

If you want to register for 2 classes, type "1" in each of the classes you want to register for (as an example if you want to register for knitting and sewing, type "1" in each box).

Knitting 101 - Wednesday, April 11 6:00 – 8:00 at Fancy Tiger

Learn the relaxing art of knitting in this fun workshop! You will learn how to cast on and knit - be on your way to making scarves for everyone after this 2 hour class.

$5 materials fee includes needles and 50 gr of yarn.   Pay for materials at Fancy Tiger.

Spinning 101- Wednesday, April 18 6:00 – 7:00 at Fancy Tiger

Learn how to make yarn on a drop spindle. You will learn how to turn wool fiber into yarn using this ancient and traditional method.

$10 materials fee includes drop spindle and 1 oz of fiber. Pay for materials at Fancy Tiger.

Sewing 101 - Wednesday, April 25 6:00 – 8:00 at Fancy Tiger

This two hour class will give you the foundation to master sewing! You will learn the basics of machine sewing, including threading the machine and bobbin, using different stitch settings, and adjusting tensions and stitch lengths and then use your knowledge to make a quick and easy pillowcase.

Materials:  Requires 2/3 yd cotton woven fabric and 1/3 yd coordinating cotton woven fabric (available to purchase at Fancy Tiger Crafts - please arrive 30 minutes early if you need to purchase fabric). 

Bee Keeping 101 -  Thursday, April 26 6:30 – 8:00 at GrowHaus

Why do we need bees? Come and learn what they do and why we need them. Topics covered in this class include pollination, the cast of hive and styles of hives. Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper? This class will walk you through key considerations when you want your very own hive!


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